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The competition will be run under the skill divisions system of Junior, Novice, Journeyman, and Master. This prevents costumers with less experience from having to compete directly against those with more. For group entries, the division should be that of the highest ranking member of the group.

Sometimes, however, that rule doesn't apply.  For instance, if a Novice level costumer makes 2 costumes and has a Master level costumer wear one of them for a dual presentation, they should both compete as Journeyman.

For very large groups, please ask the Masquerade Director for assistance in choosing a division.

Winning 'Best of Show' at Archon or a large regional convention moves a costumer up to the next skill division. Judges Choice awards or Workmanship awards do not count as best of class awards.

Please remember that these divisions are set up as guidelines and are not set in stone.  A first time costumer may choose to complete as a Journeyman instead of Novice however, a "Best In Class" winner will keep the costumer in that division.  In other words, there is no going back!  Someone who makes their living in the costume business, or related occupation (theatre, alterations, tailoring, etc.) should compete as a Journeyman or Master.  Please contact the Masquerade Director if this situation applies to you.

The divisions are defined as follows:
  • Junior: Costumers 12 and younger can compete in the Junior Level.
  • Novice: Anyone who has never won an award at a costume contest is a Novice. You must win "Best of Novice" twice in order to move up to the Journeyman level.
  • Journeyman: A winner of two "Best of Novice" awards competes as a Journeyman. If you have won a "Best of Show" award at a smaller convention, you should compete as a Journeyman at Archon.
  • Master: Anyone who has won two "Best of Journeyman" awards at Archon or at a large regional con should compete as a Master. If you make your living in the costume business, please compete as a Master.
  • Exhibition: Anyone who would simply like to show their costume!

Junior Class: Due to an increase in the number of younger fans entering the Masquerade, a 'Junior Class' was added.   Costumers 12 and younger can compete for a "Best of Junior Class" award, and will still be eligible for the Workmanship and Best of Show Awards.   Note: this "Junior Class" does not take the place of the Children's Masquerade!   The young fans will need a parent or guardian to fill out an official entry form, and will be given a chance to walk the stage to familiarize themselves with it during tech rehearsal.   Parents: Entering your child in the "Junior" class does not automatically win them a prize.   This is still a competition!

Exhibition Class: When a costume entry has won a major award at either a CostumeCon or a WorldCon, it is considered in bad taste to compete that costume again at a regional or smaller con.  Sometimes, however, a costumer wants to show their winning costume one more time, especially to their home crowd.  The "Exhibition Class" entry was created just for these costumers.  These entries are not judged, but are still part of the Masquerade, and as such, must abide by the same rules as other entries.  Due to the complex natures of some of the entries, we have set a time limit of two minutes for all exhibition entries.  If you would like to enter your costume as an exhibition entry, please notify the Masquerade Director.

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