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While the Masquerade Directors choose their judges carefully, it is impossible to find some who has seen or read everything.  For instance, the popularity of Japanese Anime has inspired many new costume entries, but not everyone has access to the books, videos, etc. that are available in this country (especially for those purists that insist on the original Japanese versions).  In this case, it would be helpful if the costumer brings a visual reference to show the judges where their source costume or inspiration comes from.  A good photocopy of an illustration or book cover is often all that is needed.  Please don't bring in tapes or DVDs, as our judges are unable to watch them before the masquerade.  Also, do not bring in your rare, autographed books, as we cannot guarantee their safe return.

Many costumers like to photo document their construction process, and these photos are of interest to the judges.  Put them together in a binder with some notes, and 'Presto', instant documentation.  Any documentation should have the costumer's name and entry title clearly marked on the front.  Documentation is not essential to the competition, and many a costumer has won without it.  As the Archon Masquerade continues to grow in number of entries, however, good visual references for the judges becomes increasingly helpful.

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