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Lights & Sound

A full compliment of professional theatre style lighting is available. We are able to provide a stage wash in any color as well as a fixed center spot. We also have two programmable moving head spots. These spots have 12 different colored gels and 6 gobo patterns. For more information on these lights see the Power Spot 250 specifications at Please note that some of the gobo patterns available at Archon are different than the ones shown on Elation Lighting's site.

The Lighting Director will choose lighting that he thinks best flatters your costume. You will have a chance to talk with the Lighting Director at your tech rehearsal. Feel free to contact the Lighting Director at if you plan to make use of the programmable moving head spots, you have special lighting instructions, or if you have any questions about the stage lighting.

Our Sound System is able to play compact discs, computer wav and MP3 files.  Compact Disks or computer disks should be turned in at your scheduled Tech Rehearsal.  Compact Disks should have a note secured on the inside of the jewel box visible from the outside. The note should have the track number you would like played as well as your name and costume title.

When preparing a sound byte for use at any masquerade, several suggestions come to mind. The first, keep it simple. Complicated sound cues invite trouble. Second, if at all posible, bring your sound in it's original format.  If you must transfer from one sound device to another, it is reccommended that you use a patch cable over a microphone. This item is available at Radio Shack, and the helpful people there can go over how to record from one device to another. Most microphones (especially those used with your home computer) have limited dynamic range, and will taint the quality of your creation. Third, keep the volume of your recording at a reasonable level. When in doubt, use a lower volume level.  Under the Archon Stage rests 15 thousand watts of amplifiers. This is enough to power a small theatre with concert quality sound.  We promise you, your sound clip is heard by all. However, if you record your clip at too high a level, distortion becomes evedent, and no amount of filtering will help. Our Master of All Things Audio will be more than happy to assist, before the convention, in creating your soundtrack. Feel free to contact him at if you would like some assistance, or just have questions about all things audio.

Please note, there will be no live microphone on stage.  If your presentation involves dialogue, it must be lip-synched to previously recorded material.

All audio and lighting equipment is provided by Alobar's - St. Louis' Premier Sound and Lighting Company

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