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Tech Rehearsal

We want everyone to have the best possible presentation. When you register you will be given a rehearsal time. You have a chance to do two run throughs of your presentation. Please bring part or all of your costume to Tech Rehearsal. This will aid us in choosing the proper lighting and identifying any special technical needs you may require. If your costume is physically limiting (i.e. limited sight, trouble moving, very large or cumbersome), bring the pieces of your costume that cause the limitation.  This is the time to practice going up the stairs and ramp.  A copy of the Stage Layout can be obtained here or at the registration desk during the convention.

Any interaction with the MC needs to be noted in the script you provide. If you want the MC to read a description of your costume, please write out exactly what you want the MC to read. A written pronunciation should be provided for any made-up or fantasy words. Please come prepared to your Tech Rehearsal. We have very little time to spend with each costumer, and want to give each one our full attention. Decide what you want before you get to rehearsal.

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