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Welcome! You have found the official website of the Archon Masquerade. The masquerade is one of the biggest attractions at Archon, drawing entrants from all over the United States and Canada. We are now into our 37th year, and continue to gain in both contestants and audience. Archon has always been one of the most costume friendly conventions around, offering not only the masquerade, but also a large costuming track. Many of the costumes that went on to win major awards at CostumeCons and WorldCons showed first at Archon.

All manner of costumes are welcome at Archon, from the most basic hall costume to the "blow-out-all-the-stops" elaborate stage presentations. We have had entrants in period clothing, costumes inspired by film and television, original interpretations of characters in literature, cartoon and anime figures come to life, and a few that just defy description! Our youngest entrant ever couldn't even walk yet, and our oldest... well, let's just call her Great-Grandma. We have had songs, skits, mini-operas, and even a stripper or two (you had to be there, really...). While we do have a deserved reputation for showy theatrics, many an award-winning costume has not had to do any more than simply appear on stage. This is, after all, a costume contest, not a talent show.

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